Formulation : AP formula 4 ,TS formula 4 , Maharashtra & Karnataka formulation

Soil Fertility has a dramatic impact on the profit equation because the
lack of fertility limits production. The supply of micro nutrients to the
plants has become need of the hour to achieve maximum productivity.
If any of the required micronutrients are in short supply, the crop fails to
fullyutilize the major nutrient fertilizers due to lack of balanced nutrition.
Nuplex Max is a Micro nutrient Mixture specially blended for cash
crops like Citrus, Cotton, Chillies, Vegetables and all field and
horticultural crops. Nuplex Max ensures qualitative improvements in
the plants, reduces flower and fruit drop, improves disease resistivity,
and increases crop yield. Nuplex Max prevents and corrects trace
element deficiency.
Dosage: 2.5 to 3.0 gm Nuplex Max per 1 Itr of water.

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