Correcting micronutrient deficiencies & ensuring better nutrient balance.
Soil fertility has a dramatic impact on the profit equation because the lack of fertility limits production.
The supply of micronutrients to the plants has become need of the hour to achieve maximum

Suphal Combi is a liquid Micronutrient Mixture specially blended for cash crops like Citrus, Cotton,
Chillies, Vegetables and all other crops. Suphal Combi ensures qualitative improvements in the
plants, reduces flower and fruit drop, improves disease resistivity, and increases crop yields. Suphal
Combi prevents and corrects trace elements deficiency.

Direction of use: Gently dissolve 2.5 ml Suphal combi in 1 Ltr of water spray on crop. The 1st spray
recommended at 10 days after flower initiation .2nd spray after fruit setting. 3rd spray at fruit formation

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